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Piano Graphic

Who invented Nate's Piano Plates?

   A 4th grade piano student created the templates because he saw a need for practicing scales using a Hands On Approach.

What are Nate's Piano Plates?

   Nate's Piano Plates teach how to play all Major and Minor Harmonic piano scales in multiple octaves.
   The templates visually encode the correct choice of fingering sequence for each hand, key signature, and note.
   They require no prior music knowledge. Each plate slides directly behind the piano keys on a standard keyboard.

Please View Instructional Video!

   Nate's Piano Plates reduces the teaching of 48 scale fingering sequence variations in both left and right hands to just 12 guide cards.

US Patent #: 7,897,861

Issue Date: March 1, 2011

The Teaching Method

• 12 Easy Piano Scale Visual Guides
• Fingering Sequences for 24 Major Scales
• Fingering Sequences for 24 Minor Scales
• Regrouped for Easier Learning
• Regrouped for Easier Memorization
• Template Design Fits Stnd Piano Kybds
• Plates Fit Directly Behind Keys
• Align Simply by the Scale Key
• Plates are 14" Long
• Fingering Sequences 2-Octave Scales
• Teach Finger Seq for Left & Right Hands
• 2 Index Cards provide Fast Plate # Selection
• Instructions Included
• Finger # Convention Included

   Our Sincere Apologies! Nate's Piano Plates are now sold out and no longer available For Sale at this time. We Thank You for your interest!

Nate's Piano Plates are protected by US Patent Laws. All Rights Reserved.

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