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Piano Graphic

"If you have a student who gets bogged down reading from a scale book and just can't remember how to play the scale (notes/fingering) when he gets home to practice, Nate's Piano Plates are a fool proof way to help your student at home. The templates with the arrows pointing to each note and finger numbers are right there on the piano to guide them through each individual scale. It's like having a teacher right there with them."
-- Judy Bede, NCTM and President of the Ohio MTA
Adjunct Instructor of Piano Pedagogy at Cedarville University, Cedarville, Ohio
Independent Piano Instructor

"The germ for this invention came from an assignment in a resource room for gifted students. Nate was one of those eager minds in the Scholastically Talented Educational Program (S.T.E.P.). The goal was to understand that technology changes due to needs that people have, to identify their own needs and to change the technology to fit their needs.
I asked the students to start paying attention to what bugged them, what annoyed them and to listen to the complaints of others. In this way, students could identify a problem that needed a solution. Nate did just that. As a gifted piano student, Nate saw his teacher waste precious time writing in the fingering he needed to master his scales. He also realized it was awkward to have to look up so far to see her handwriting before he could check his finger placement.
Nate figured it would be more efficient if a piano teacher never had to write the scale fingering. In addition, it would help the student practice if the fingering was at eye level. In attempting to find a solution to those two problems, Nate's Piano Plates were born. Many students came up with interesting and potentially reproducible prototypes. But Nate's idea was so novel; solved the problem so perfectly, and looked like it might be inexpensive to create, that he just had to proceed. With help from his dad, the patent process and production began -- but only because Nate stuck with it.
Nate's a student I'll never forget. A Problem Solver. A Solution Finder. And now, an Inventor!
There are lots of good ideas but success belongs to those who follow through."
Libby Stanton
4th Grade, Gifted Intervention Specialist
Dayton, Ohio